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The Gazette !!!!!!!!!!!!
I just did it !! I just bought the VIP ticket to the Helsinki show!!!!!!!
I can't believe I did it, OMG, I really DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I just have to find a way ( and money) to get there, a place to sleep and all that ^^

Title : Mission.
Aouthor :brokendiva08
Gener : Romance, action. AU.
Pairing : Kai/Aoi, Reita/Uruha.
Chapter : 1/1
Disclamer :I do not own the band, only the story.
Summary :This time he had a bad feeling about this. It was to easy.
Beta : kyoselflove
Notes : This little thign is for the monthly challenge for jrockyaoi.

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First post !
So, the day has come for me to start here! Don't know if I'll be here often but will see, who knows?! Anyway this is just to say hi.
So, hi !!